Hi, I'm Kirby, a Top-Rated Sales Coach

My Sales Pro Selection Program Will Increase Sales Hiring Effectiveness by 327%

Learn How To Spot and Hire A Sales Rockstar.


Hi, I'm Kirby, a Top-Rated Sales Coach

My Proven System Increases Sales Hiring Effectiveness by 327%

Hire a Sales Pro Who Can Immediately Deliver Game-Changing Results

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During my 25+ year career working for Fortune 500 media companies I have curated a process to consistently find outstanding sales talent; and i'm ready to share it with you.

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Hi, I'm Kirby Kaden

I'm ready to help you get the sales team you've always wanted.  I have been hiring sales people for 25+ years and have perfected the process. Let me help you find your sales super team! 


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What can you expect from the Sales Pro Selection System?

Over the years, I have developed an empirically demonstrated, tremendously successful strategy to have the candidate ‚ÄúPROVE‚ÄĚ that they can be your rainmaker as we take them through my multi-faceted ‚Äúobstacle course‚Ä̂Ķ¬†This allows us to curate the best talent for your business so you are certain that you are revealing your proprietary IP, and putting great training and sales management in the hands of an individual that will close more business and create enduring client relationships for the foreseeable future.¬†Ultimately, this means that your business will grow at an increasing pace and your dramatically improved profitability will allow you to invest in your scale, your people and your culture.

Decrease Time Spent Finding Talent

I have two important strategies built into my system to allow your support team to do most of the heavy lifting. Additionally, my three approaches allow you to choose how you want to learn this process. 

Guaranteed To Find Great Talent

My system guarantees that you will find a great sales talent. If a candidate is able to get through the process successfully, they’re the right one!

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My system comes with the answer key for all stages.  There are many jumping off places where an average or poor seller will just stop their pursuit and look for any easier path to a new job.  

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Many of these entrepreneurs came to me in a sales slump, and we dramatically turned around their business in record time.  Don't hesitate! Its simple and you can get these results as well!

‚ÄúThe system gets extraordinary results.‚ÄĚ

-Howie N, CEO, Sharkmatic Advertising 

‚ÄúA key part of our explosive growth.‚ÄĚ

-Don Moore, Former General Manager, Clear Channel Chicago

‚ÄúKirby's approach to hiring a sales person is not only creative, but¬†incredibly effective‚Ä̬†

-Karina Alvarez, Founder & CEO , Good Credit For Live

"Cleared out the chaos and doubled our sales.‚Ä̬†

-Jose Martinez, Owner, Allstate Financial

"Trust the Process. It will pay you back 10-fold!"

-Harry F, Successful Hire by SalesPro Selection System

‚ÄúOur business is up 20% after being stagnant for years.‚ÄĚ

-Rolando Garza, Owner, First Data Merchant