Hi, I'm Kirby

I have been hiring sales people for 25+years and have perfected the process. My highly effective and proven system will help you hire a team of talented and dedicated sellers.  This process will make your life remarkably better.  I'm standing by to guide you to the next level in your business. 

30-Minute Consult

My Founding Story

Hi, I'm Kirby Kaden

Drawing from my 25+ years of experience, I've honed my expertise as a turnaround specialist, working extensively with small to medium-sized businesses. My focus spans Sales, Marketing, and Team Development, pivotal areas where breakthroughs often unfold.

In the realm of business education, my consultancy offers a transformative experience that can be implemented right away. It establishes an atmosphere of accountability, disciplined decision-making, and innovative thinking, fostering lasting skills. I'm committed to pushing you beyond your limits while ensuring the journey is both enjoyable and engaging.

Throughout my career, I've encountered the challenges of making poor hires, prompting me to embark on an exhaustive journey to uncover the secrets of consistently hiring exceptional sales professionals. Following research and study at the Gallup Institute, I've curated a proprietary system proven to consistently deliver profoundly talented sellers. This process has successfully turned around underperforming media properties for corporate giants like CBS, Clear Channel, and Univision. Transitioning into a consulting role, I've applied this same successful approach to companies across more than 50 industries.

Described as a "Sales Hiring Obstacle Course," the developed process allows candidates to "PROVE" their suitability rather than simply telling us. It eliminates the predictability of standard interview questions, subjecting candidates to an unexpected and challenging process that only the most talented salespeople can navigate successfully. The perennial challenge in every business is the difficulty of hiring strong sales talent. Research encompassing over 2,000,000+ salespeople reveals that only 6% are "elite," approximately 20% are considered pretty good, while a staggering 74% of all sales hires result in a significant waste of resources.

Consider the comprehensive costs associated with poor hires, including salary, benefits, equipment, training expenses, unconverted leads, missed quotes, brand reputation damage, and diminished team morale. Studies indicate these costs can range from $240,000 to $1,300,000+. Our system removes the guesswork, enabling you to objectively and accurately identify the sellers who will make a nearly immediate impact on your business revenue.

Attract Qualified Candidates

As a hiring manager you need to attract qualified candidates to your job listing (including outreach); and I'm going to show you exactly how to do that.

Hire Sales Ninja's

Get my proven ‚ÄúObstacle Course‚ÄĚ for consistently identifying the ideal sales candidate to how to onboard them into the organization.

Increase Revenue

My program will take a hiring manager from statistically about 26% correct in their decision to well over 80%.  It is a repeatable system that you will be able to master for every sales hire!

Why I Do It

Kaden Solutions is a consulting firm for small to medium sized businesses. $500k - $100mm.

My primary focus has been in the world of sales.

As I am invited into these businesses in 50+ industries, I have been able to quickly diagnose their issues and have discovered that the friction in their business was principally a sales problem.

Without exception the sales problem was a salesperson problem that had gone unaddressed. Once we solve the sales riddle, the rest of the organization begins to naturally flourish.

During my 25+ year career working for Fortune 500 media companies I had curated a process to find outstanding sales talent. I started the SalesPro Selection System which is the codified version of what I used to do in the corporate world and again what I instituted for my consulting clients.

I have created an 18-video educational course with 10 downloadable documents that will take a hiring manager intuitively through the candidate attraction, vetting and selection process.  As professionals use this proprietary process they become a disciplined hiring professional in their own right.

Kaden Solutions is a company who consults on how to hire sales people

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